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Steve grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He found his admiration for body piercing at a young age, spending summers in his fathers tattoo shop. Steve values culture, and ancient traditions, and keeps traditional body piercing practices alive through modern knowledge and technique. Not only is Steve a body piercer, but an artist, craftsman, musician, and writer..


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Hi! My name is Megan. I was born in Hillsboro, Oregon and have lived here my whole life. My body piercing career began in October of 2015 when I started my apprenticeship in Hillsboro, Oregon with my supervisor Mike. I became officially license in July of 2017 and haven’t looked back. I love my job and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me at Skin City!”


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My name is Jess and I was born and raised here in Oregon. I knew at a young age that art was for me, but it wasn’t until after college that I realized what kind of artist I wanted to be. I completed my Bachelor of Arts and Design in 2017 and completed my Body Piercing Apprenticeship with Steve Smith here at Skin City in 2021. I see body piercing as an art form, and I believe there is a very spiritual and freeing aspect to body piercing. I love being able to collaborate with my customers to bring their visions of themselves to life.


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