Meet Our Tattoo Artists

Creating art on human canvases since 2000

Meet our Tattoo Artists


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I have been tattooing since 1991. I fell in love with the tattoo industry when I realized it was a form of art. At that point, I never looked back and set out to be the best I knew how. Since that day, I have been published and have won several awards for tattooing. I opened Skin City in 2000, with the hopes of giving people a good experience in a safe and friendly environment.


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My name is Nikk, I have been enthralled by tattooing since I was in second grade. After going to college for Mechanical Engineering and Physics, I realized I wanted to follow my passion for art and tattooing. I finally began my journey to become a tattooer in 2020 when I started my apprenticeship at Skin City. Eventually, I would love to specialize in Traditional Japanese Irezumi, although I find beauty in all forms of tattooing.


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Minnesota native Jason Solarz combines his love for the environment and the natural world with 12 years of expertise in tattooing. When he’s not at the shop he’s most likely to be found in the woods somewhere or rock hounding at the Oregon coast.


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I go by Danyel or Danny. I’ve loved drawing ever since I was just a little one. After high school I extended my art practices at Portland Community College and knew that tattooing was going to be the way to fulfill my artistic passion. So here I am! I went through the apprenticeship program at Skin City with Joe as my mentor and so happy to continue on here. Being fresh to the industry, I am very open to taking on a variety of styles and am excited to collab with you!


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Hi my name is Olivia. I’m originally from southern California and started my apprenticeship at Skin City in 2018, and received my license In 2020. I love doing delicate black and grey tattoos, stippling, soft colors, and nature imagery, but am not limited to those styles.

Aside from tattooing, I love snowboarding, painting, knitting, binge watching Netflix, and baking fancy desserts.


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Kate began her career at Skin City as apprentice in 2014 after completing her bachelors in fine art. She earned her tattooing license in 2018 and has remained at Skin City. Kate found a love for art at a young age and set out to make that her career.

She has won several awards for her charcoal work while in college. Kate looks to bring her knowledge of charcoal to black and gray tattooing. However, welcomes all types of tattooing!


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After years of practicing as a freelance illustrator and completing his Bachelors in Fine Art, Garrett moved to Portland to begin his tattoo journey as an apprentice at Skin City. He earned his tattoo license in early 2022 and has remained at Skin City with resolve to turn his passion into a full-time career.

Although attracted to many styles of tattooing, his focal point is Traditional Americana. He aims to incorporate limited color pallets and folk-art influences coupled with established Traditional tattoo imagery to cultivate bold iconic imagery.


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